Mace Enterprises Announces Driver Line-Up For 2017.

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Mace Enterprises Announces Driver Line-Up For 2017.

Post by FUEL on January 18th 2017, 10:57 pm

Mace Enterprises has not seen as much success in the HNS as for the SCS however the team continues to work off building a good program for their drivers. All cup drivers of Mace, Demax, Davis and Lynn will drive the #5 Lowes Chevy in a select few races in 2017 while their #10 car will be fielded by Mason Gordon. The "super sub" of 2016 that raced for the injured Jordan Davis for a few races last year, ran very well in the #5 car impressing Mace. Mace hired on Gordon to be his own in employee throughout 2016 and now with 2017 on the horizon the start of the new year, Gordon gets the chance to get behind the wheel full-time of a car capable of winning races and a championship. Gordon will race full time for the first time since Season 14 of the Cup Series which was 7 seasons ago.

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