The Rule Book

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The Rule Book

Post by nhood53 on January 28th 2017, 9:10 am

Since this has not already been posted, I decided I'd post the NMGAR RuleBook.
Section 1: General Rules- These are the same as NASCAR
Section 2: Driver Aggression standards- Drivers are allowed to be aggressive with their driving style, but we do not like this to follow them with their emotions. If a driver has an issue with another, we hope to get the two together to calmly settle the tempers. However, if we cannot deal with the tempers there are penalties involved.
1st Offense: Warning
2nd Offense: 1 Race Probation
3rd Offense: Suspension- 1 Race
4th Offense Lose your ride.
We take fighting between drivers as a 2nd or 3rd offense penalty depending on the severity of the fight.

Section 3: NMGAR's Stance on Canonization
If any driver wants to try to canonize another series besides NMGAR NNSCRA and ARCSOA in here, that is strictly disallowed. In any case of this the driver will receive a warning.

Section 4: Actions Detrimental to NMGAR Racing
If anyone wants to make a comment against the NMGAR, we will listen to your comments. However, if you dare cuss us out or make mean comments about us, your driver will face a -5 driver rating change for 5 races. Cheating is also not allowed. If we the NMGAR feel a driver is cheating in any way, they will give the driver a -5 rating change and the team will receive a fine. Mere suspicion will lead to an NMGAR inspection of your car, and if cheating is not found we will issue the team a warning. We had a situation recently where this happened.

Section 5: The NMGAR is an international series. We respect comments in all languages unless they get aggressive.

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