BANNED! Tracks from CTRS that will never return

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BANNED! Tracks from CTRS that will never return

Post by nhood53 on February 2nd 2017, 6:16 pm

These tracks have been temporarily or permanently banned from CTRS.
Thornton- Temporary. This track caused an injury in Season 8 and quite honestly a lot of drivers expected this one to be permabanned.
Martinsville- Temporary- This one is because the AI run so stupid here that a driver named Sally Hunter going for her first win got screwed by DJ Kurtis.
Pukekohe- Permanent unless bug is patched. The race we ran here in Season 8 was pretty bad. We had a potential winner in Scott Roush get stuck in the tire barriers, as well as Christian Merrick Jr and many others. If someone could just send me a fix to Pukekohe...
No Walls Talladega- Permanent. Most CTRS drivers will agree here. No Walls Talladega is too dangerous. No one should have to tell you that. The crashes here are just way too scary, to the point I didn't even watch the replay of last season's Big One here.

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