Ryan Acosta: "We can come back so don't count us out."

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Ryan Acosta: "We can come back so don't count us out."

Post by FUEL on Thu 23 Feb 2017 - 0:03

Ryan Acosta for Allen Family Racing Team has been what most would say their lead driver. Acosta having 3 wins in his career, all of them coming from AFRT's #45 Dodge in the past 2 seasons. Acosta however hasn't started off 2017 the way he has wanted to. Acosta currently sits 33rd in points with a best finish of 23rd so far this season.

Ryan Acosta during the media center after the race said, "Certainly this isn't how we expected the start of this year to start out. I felt like AFRT was more prepared this season to win more races and run more consistently and under this point format to battle for a championship. A personal goal I'm wanting to set for our team is to really qualify better, we need to get past that obstacle in order to help our race and not have to fight as hard during the race. Never count out a team for a championship, anything can happen to getting a championship, I know our entire organization is struggling right now but this is just the beginning we will come back so don't count us out. Our team is solid, I have confidence in my race team they will back me up with all their effort and I will put my all on the line for them. We have a long road ahead of us, but this season is also very long. We will turn our season around and get some wins for this team."

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