ARROW Dynamics FIRES #99 Spotter

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ARROW Dynamics FIRES #99 Spotter

Post by FUEL on March 13th 2017, 11:08 am

At Darlington, ARROW Dynamics' rookie spotter for Nick Pericles was a close friend to Pericles, a few problems with the spotter over the first few races this year finally boiled over with car owner Kenny Myatt at Darlington with his only car in the race wrecking and falling off the pace due to his spotter saying he was clear to pit when he had a car to his left. Myatt the owner said, "Yeah we fired him because he lacks spatial awareness and he was an idiot."

It is unsure of at the moment what that team will do for a spotter on the #99 but Kenny Myatt did mention to our press crew that he'll spot the car if he has to.

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