Jeffery Finguy gets first ever back to back Top 5 finishes

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Jeffery Finguy gets first ever back to back Top 5 finishes

Post by FUEL on March 13th 2017, 1:46 pm

FPM joined forces with AFRT to start 2017 so Jeffery Finguy felt more confident than ever that his team will run better. For the first time ever in his career, Finguy has finished inside the Top 5 back to back. A great performance at the Philippines ran Top 5 all day, however an unpredictable twist of events led to Jeffery Finguy near the end right in the thick of things to finish out the day inside the Top 5 yet again. Over the past 2 races, Jeffery Finguy has gained 12 spots in the points. Going from 32nd to 20th and gaining 16 points on championship point leader Jeff James, he trails by 100 points which is just over 2 races back in the standings which in the series history, being 100 back or less can easily be made up in a reasonable amount of time.

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