Finguy, Shock Jr., and FPM to Threaten Walkout at New Hampshire After Haley's Comments

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Finguy, Shock Jr., and FPM to Threaten Walkout at New Hampshire After Haley's Comments

Post by Finnish909 on March 19th 2017, 1:54 am

This was a shock to the fanbase of the Orion Elites Series as two of it's major drivers will walkout after the comments of Todd Haley to the paddock. It has indeed soured the fanbase after Haley's outbursts to the drivers and it literally sparked a bit of a rebellion in the OES grid. Jeffery Finguy, who's early season charge to get even back into the gird is a highlight of the season. Was one of the first drivers to join in on Ryan Griffin's side after the comments that were said.

"I don't care for much. But after what Haley said, I can only say I'm joining Griffin's side after what he said. If his comments are right and him saying 'we will always be here and you'll all be gone'. Then fine. All of my effort this season to partner back with Durbinsport was for nothing." Finguy said as he was taking questions. "Comments like those irk me because those are comments of a madman. I lost my entire respect for Haley and will join Ryan. He might be my teammate next season. But he is a friend, and a brother from the land of the Great Lakes. I do have other commitments as well. If this is what ARCSOA does to a returning veteran after he almost gave his life to this series... Then my time here is gone."

Shock Jr. also joined in on it with just a few short words. "We are the bloodstream that keeps this series pumping. If Haley wants this heart to die, then the bloodstream will be cut off..."

A few minutes after these comments, Finguy-Psytomi Motorsports, the team co-owned by Finguy and Rosalind Psytomi, had cae to an agreeance to even stop all three of their drivers t even compete. The team was said to leave the series again after this incident. But that's just a rumor. Time will tell when this keg full of gasoline and gunpowder explodes.
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