Racing Digest: Kyle Shock Jr OUT at Blue Flare Motorsports

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Racing Digest: Kyle Shock Jr OUT at Blue Flare Motorsports

Post by MrKyleCollins on March 19th 2017, 11:59 am

Over the silly season Johnson Freeman made the kind of surprising statement that they would put young gun Kyle Shock Jr in the #41. His best ever finish was 2nd to James Shelly a few years back. He was expected to be the weakest link on the team, but come New Hampshire it was too much for BFM.

Shock Jr has just had the worst of luck, and he has been the only Blue Flare driver to be below 20th in points. While Maddie Myatt and William Brock are in the top 10. In Freeman's mind this was unacceptable. But he never liked the idea of breaking conctracts prematurely so he kept Shock Jr around. But when it was announced he was boycotting NH, that's when Freeman had enough. The inconsistency, plus the boycott and him not having a very good relationship with BFM in the first place made Freeman's decision easier. He has dropped Kyle Shock Jr.

Shock Jr. was notified and agreed with the decision, he'll be going over to FPM to replace Sanjaro and hopefully help develop them for next season. But for BFMs replacement for Shock Jr, it was a controversial choice. But they've chosen Kenny Myatt to replace Shock Jr. Johnson Freeman hopes having Kenny race it'll develop them for next season trying to make them even better. The only flaw on the contract which fans and drivers alike may love is if Kenny gets to 20 wins or wins the Indy 250 they'll put another driver in the ride for the remainder of the season.

This starts at New Hampshire, and while some mightn't've seen it Coming history has been made this weekend. Johnson Freeman dropped his first ever driver mid season. It's expected though that Freeman and Shock Jr will keep a good relationship, because they never had problems working with each other.

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Re: Racing Digest: Kyle Shock Jr OUT at Blue Flare Motorsports

Post by f1fan on March 19th 2017, 1:21 pm

Kenny Myatt's Statement

"I am finishing out the year simply because I think it is the most beneficial move the team can make with the future in mind. With that being said, this is Maddie's team! William just got a D&C ride, and I am very happy for him. But this is Maddie's team going forward. I drive very similar to Maddie, we have similar racecraft styles and strategies. The two drivers we are heavily investing a lot of effort in for next season, have similar racecraft as well. 

The reason why this is important is, we can develop the Season 23 car with that racecraft in mind. Therefore on a weekly basis, we can get far more in depth with our strategies. PETRONAS Honda did this with there cars. That's why they hired drivers who always raced similar to me. By doing this, we expect to have the most technologically specific car on the grid next year, which should translate to outright speed.

I am out there for straight development purposes, plus I also promised Mr. Freeman that the team would score a win. We have been close many times this season, and I think with myself, Maddie, and William, we can score that win! Plus I want to get 20 wins, that was my goal a few years ago!"

Kenny Myatt:

Maddie Myatt:

Erin Perkins:

Sean Perkins:

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