Matthew Rodriguez calls for safety concern after Dover

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Matthew Rodriguez calls for safety concern after Dover

Post by FUEL on March 29th 2017, 8:42 am

After Round 8 of Dover an infuriated Matthew Rodriguez walked to the hauler after the race and voiced his opinion about a wreck he was in not being thrown as a yellow.

Matthew Rodriguez: I'm kinda mad that there wasn't a caution. I'm in the air flipping and ended up landing it. I believe that's a safety issue especially since I rolled over hard a good few times on the concrete.

Rodriguez ended up walking away but was angry with the officials not calling for a caution to come to his aid.

Matthew Rodriguez: What happens if I hit hard enough for it to crush in on me, what if I'm seriously injured? You just going to waste precious time to see if I drive away from it? I believe if you see a car tumbling through the air immediately action needs to be taken.

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