Levi Pascoe: "We could really win it all this year"

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Levi Pascoe: "We could really win it all this year"

Post by FUEL on March 29th 2017, 8:59 am

Levi Pascoe after last year's championship bid was wrote off as nothing more than a fluke and that this year he wouldn't make it into the championship fight again.

Pascoe is proving everyone wrong this season as he just moved into 2nd in points 48 back to the point leader.

Levi Pascoe was leading with 10 to go at Dover and almost won another race to his career until getting passed by Jake Baskinger with 2 to go.

Levi Pascoe: I'm a little heartbroken. It's hard to be upset about a Top 5, it's almost impossible to not be happy with that. You take what you can get. This team has worked really hard, if Jeff James cracks we are there. I think if we keep finishing consistently and stay in the top 10, we could really win it all this year

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