Race Highlights: Round 34 of Fontana

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Race Highlights: Round 34 of Fontana

Post by McBlair on December 13th 2015, 10:59 am

This race here, was one hell of race. So interesting to watch, in my opinion one of the best races this season. So, let's start shall we?

The front row was taken up by two somewhat unexpected drivers, the #45 of Ryan Acosta got the poll and the #4 of Rick Shultz. So they started off, cars were already diving up and down the track. It was only the first lap and the worst thing happened, points leader Jesse Turner in the #17 got spun off one of the turns by Rick Shultz and smacked the wall. This would be basically end his chances of winning the race. But that wasn't all that happened, there was a massive wreck consisting of drivers such as Luke Martin, Rick Shultz, Richerd Johnson, Jordan Davis, ETC. So what happened is Jordan Davis thought he was clear and cut down but got hooked by Jeff James. The two went down the track and collected the front row starters Ryan Acosta and Rick Shultz. They forced Aaron Taylor down the track he clipped his boss Luke Martin and that's how he got involved. More got involved but I ain't gonna describe the full thing.

Leading the field back to green was one of the CBM cars, not entirely sure which one so let me know if you know. There were A LOT of leading changes. Some being championship contenders, others not. On lap 19 Charles Jackson started to blow up which ended his day. Finally, on lap 39 the drama and action was once again. While racing on the track being severely off the pace Jesse Turner got clipped by James Silverfox and went down the track and took out Nick Mace.

Sean Perkins led the field back to green with Matt Rodriguez right behind him. Nothing else happened and the win went to the most hated driver of the year, Sean Perkins in the #78. Second was Nick Pericles in the #31, third was Andreas Allen in the #43, fourth was Jake Baskinger in the #97, and Treck Tauger in the #41. The Racers Digest Dominance cash award went to Sean Perkins.

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Re: Race Highlights: Round 34 of Fontana

Post by DarkVoid718 on December 19th 2015, 6:15 pm

Fontana's kind of a rude track to me. I think I wrecked each time I've been there.

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