A brief and incomplete history of PWCOM

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A brief and incomplete history of PWCOM

Post by f1fan on April 20th 2017, 12:21 am

The World Cup Of Motorsport started back in 1986 as a conglomeration of a bunch of failing touring car series around the globe. Specifically, the Australian World Touring Car Championship, The German Touring Car Championship, the North American Touring Car Championship, The British Saloon Car Club, and the Japanese Touring Car championship were all series that folded as the result of the World Cup of Motorsports.

Back in the late 80’s WCOM took off quite large. Holding races in Monaco, and different countries around the world. Monaco was always seen as the toughest race on the schedule, until 2005 when the American 700 debuted. WCOM in the 1980’s really wasn’t seen as that competitive. The Whitehouse Team battled a bit with the Honda Team Japan team, and the Longfellow Racing cars. Then in 1992, Longfellow Racing and the Whitehouse team merged. That coupled with the liquidation of Honda Team Japan led to a complete domination by the L&W team during the mid to late 90’s. Once the early 2000’s came around, other teams started catching up. Teams like Skytech, Red Bull, and even Mentervini in 2002 became championship contenders.

 In 2005, to reignite some of the privateer feel of touring car racing. The series took a different approach. Technology giant Orion came on board to sponsor the series. The series also added 3 ovals on the schedule. One being the Patriot 800 taking place at Talladega, taking the American round away from long time holder, Road Atlanta. Orion left the series in 2010, and the series went without a title sponsor until 2017. In 2017, Prytech joined the series, creating PWCOM.

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