ARCSOA Season 23 Pre-Season Story #1 (A team of Legends)

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ARCSOA Season 23 Pre-Season Story #1 (A team of Legends)

Post by f1fan on May 13th 2017, 8:39 pm

As the Silly Season officially opened after the conclusion of the Xbaltan-Amarian War... FBR shocked the world by announcing Kenny Myatt as the teammate to longtime owner/driver, Noah Hart. Myatt who previously retired, is coming back simply because he "wants to be Hart's teammate." The team has 5 overall championships among the two drivers. Myatt also returns to car #9. The team is statistically the best two car team in ARCSOA Elite Series history. They will be a force to be reckond with as the two legends of the sport will due battle in a vastly different series then what they started their careers in. 

Statement from Kenny Myatt: 

"I am coming back to full time competition after a year off for two reasons. The first is, I actually enjoyed racing my daughter over at BFM. She proved to me last year that she is one of the most talented racers to come up through the ranks. She impresses me each time I am out on the track. The second is, I want to race with Noah. I have never been a teammate with my best friend in the paddock. The opportunity came up, so I took it. Noah and I are going to try and prove who actually is better in equal equipment. I think we are both better than Nick (Mace) ever was, despite him kicking butt in the win total. I also have my old PETRONAS strategist back. Chris (Glodde) and I have won 2 championships together, and I feel like I can get my 4th with him. I still think I am the most talented guy out on track. The only way to prove it is by winning. I also want the American 700, or Indianapolis 250. Those two races haunt me, and I want to win one." 

FBR is expected to be one of the top 3 teams along with BFM and D&C. However, other teams like CJ Racing could jump up the grid.

Kenny Myatt:

Maddie Myatt:

Erin Perkins:

Sean Perkins:

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