ARCSOA Season 23 Pre-Season Story #2 (The ARCSOA Physician Vacancy)

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ARCSOA Season 23 Pre-Season Story #2 (The ARCSOA Physician Vacancy)

Post by f1fan on May 13th 2017, 9:59 pm

In the history of the ARCSOA Elite Series... there has only been one fatality since the inception of the Carlisle Safety Team led by Dr. Madison Forsythe. However, Dr. Forsythe and her husband, 3 time ARCSOA Elite Series champion Kenny Myatt, recently welcomed their 4th child into the world, Aubrey. This leaves a vacancy once again at the top of the Carlisle Safety team. This has not happened before as Dr. Forsythe had her 3 older children before she actually became a doctor. Fun fact, she actually missed her graduation ceremony from the Amarian Medical institute because she was in labor with her third child, Ian. 

Never before has the Carlisle Safety team been without a doctor at the track. So this will be a major step for ARCSOA. Forsythe's Husband, Kenny Myatt released a statement for her saying. "Madison has complete faith in the Carlisle Medical team that she has trained. Her absence is not expected to affect anything at the track. Madison hopes to be back at the track by the American 700!" Jokingly Myatt ended with, "Look, to all the drivers who are concerned about the fact that there isn't an on site doctor, we didn't exactly plan to have another baby. You guys did it to yourselves by throwing me that giant party."

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