ARCSOA Season 23 Pre-Season Story #3 (A new leader, format changes?)

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ARCSOA Season 23 Pre-Season Story #3 (A new leader, format changes?)

Post by f1fan on May 16th 2017, 4:04 pm

With a season full of changes on the horizon, new ARCSOA CEO Jeff Kelly has announced some possible format changes on the horizon. 

"Ever since becoming CEO 3 months ago, I have been looking at ways to improve the on track action. One possibility is introducing stage racing to our road race events. Far too often, our fans get bored with our road races. By splitting them up and offering point incentives for winning each stage, we can get the races exciting throughout. Another possibility is by creating a creative new point system that only awards points to the top 12 finishers. That way, it becomes paramount in order to score a top 12 position," Kelly stated. 

Kelly's ideas were immediately hit back by former CEO Vijay Pushanda. Pushanda stated, "I am glad I am out of the CEO position, but I am not happy with the replacement. His ideas are really wacky, and aim to fix a problem that doesn't exist." 

Kelly seems relatively popular however with the rest of the paddock. However, there is no word on how some of these ideas may go down.

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