ASCWCS Press Release - The Start of an Era

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ASCWCS Press Release - The Start of an Era

Post by Chaossy on June 1st 2017, 6:28 pm

LAS VEGAS, NV;5/31/17

Axiom Entertainment and the management team behind ARCSOA and PWCOM have announced that a fifteen round series will be raced in just a few months time with the season opener at Mallory Park. The series will feature a Triple Crown of Stock Car Racing event, the 2.4 Hours of Spa. The race where everything can happen.

Jimmy Dent, head of Axiom Entertainment and the CEO of ASCWCS had this to say at a press conference at Axiom Broadcasting HQ. "..I'm very excited for this series to air on Axiom Prime, it'll be a hell of a season and it'll sure bring more attendance to international venues. And I hope that this season will be very competitive."

All races will broadcast on Axiom Broadcasting Networks, mostly on Axiom Prime and Axiom Sports, with Axiom Select airing the Lausitz round, due to scheduling.

(OOC: Every race will be shown on my YouTube channel, CrazyChaos)
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