Things you may not have known about the ARCSOA Elite Series

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Things you may not have known about the ARCSOA Elite Series

Post by f1fan on December 18th 2015, 1:06 pm

1. I have not watched a race from the first 7 Seasons in a year. I just wasn't happy with them, and they look far inferior to what I put out now.

2. There a couple of tracks that aren't made in NR2003, that would be immediately added to the schedule provided they get made for the game. Brainerd International Raceway, The San Jose Street circuit, and NOLA Motorsports Park (YES, THAT NOLA) are three examples of this.

3. The American 700 was initially going to be a segmented 1000 mile endurance race with relief drivers. The reason why this didn't happen was because at the time, I was still using usernames for drivers. And having relief drivers for usernames wouldn't have been that good.

4. I really enjoy having the longest NR2003 race that takes place in one session. If I found out that there was another race that would go 700 miles, I would probably bump the American 700 to the American 800. I have thought about it, but only if someone else tries me! I would go all the way up to 1200 miles if I had to.

5. At one time, A chase was considered for ARCSOA. It was around Season 2-4. It was actually remarkably similar to the current NASCAR chase system where wins would guarantee a lock in. Keep in mind, this was before that system was in place. However I scrapped it, feeling that no series would ever be stupid enough to determine their entire championship based on wins.

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