Season 8 Point Standings (Just order, no point totals)

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Season 8 Point Standings (Just order, no point totals)

Post by nhood53 on June 5th 2017, 2:14 pm

1. Jakob Moss
2. Deb Bunnell- Chase Lock
3. Scott Roush
4. Jarvi Lethinen- Chase Lock
5. Roman Rehall- Chase Lock
6. Eli Bright
7. Heather Stucolé- Chase Lock
8. Charles Sandfer- Chase Lock
9. Lexi McFarland
10. Jon Bunnell
11. Joki Lethinen
12. Luca Icks- Chase Lock
13. Benoit Lothaire Irvine- Chase Lock
14. Nathan Hood- Chase Lock
15. Zachary Fitzwater
16. Lafter Stucolé
17. Vince Freeze and Chris Dodd combining points
18. Austin LaPlante
19. Sky Lukewalker
20. Hannah Kendall
21. Jeff Bright
22. Tripontakio Vernio
23. SO Garrison
24. Ike Gonzalez
25. Jay Jianoran- Chase Lock
26. PH Williams
27. Tommy Roberts- Chase Lock combining Emmanuel Hartnett's points
28. Brenna Carmichael- Chase Lock
29. Kevin Anderson and Tommy Turbo
30. Charlie Jackson
31. Aidan Shepherd
32. Nawasaki
33. Dumindu
34. Ashton Stryger
35. Gideon Giegers
36. Christian Merrick Jr. (3 points behind C. Jackson, 1 win)
37. Sally Hunter
38. Raj Umpenkalen
39. Jose Stic
40. Maddie Hightower
41. Kyle Basaglia
42. Travis Scott

There are currently 11 drivers locked into the Chase. Jakob Moss, a non-winner is leading the points and is thus a current Chase lock. Christian Merrick Jr, California winner, is sitting on the outside looking in. Another win could boost him into the top 20 in points, and he only has to get 1 3rd place finish to pass Charlie Jackson.

Nathan Hood
Owner of Explorer Motorsports
Wins: 19
Hood: 3 wins
Vernio: 3 wins
Moss: 4wins
Bunnell: 1 win
Hunter: 1 win, 1 Championship
Gonzalez: 1 win
Kendall: 1 win
D. Bunnell: 1 win
Stucolé: 1 win
G. Hood: 1 All Star win
Kingrey: 1 All-Star Race win
Martin: 1 All-Star Race win
Remember as a note from Vernio himself:

Hall of Famer
Hall of Famer

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Re: Season 8 Point Standings (Just order, no point totals)

Post by FitzwaterAustralia59 on June 6th 2017, 4:23 am

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I Like To Post A Lot

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