Sean Perkins announces immediate retirement

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Sean Perkins announces immediate retirement

Post by f1fan on June 13th 2017, 6:14 pm

Sean Perkins has raced his last SCS race according to his media publicist, Donna Joan Conley. Conley stated, "Mr. Perkins has had a lot of difficulty recovering from his concussion. It has been determined by doctors that the concussion was more serious than previously thought. Mr. Perkins medical team has stated that one more concussion could result in permanent brain damage. Therefore, Sean has come to a decision as to not race in SCS again." 

Sean Perkins made one final statement to the SCS media. He made a bombshell of a statement. "The Doctors state that the reason why I am so flippant attitude wise is because I have suffered numerous concussions in the past. I have suffered from what I think has been 5 concussions throughout my career. The only one I ever sat out was the last one. After the most recent outburst with Zachary (Fitzwater), I realized some of the things the doctors said to watch out for. I can't stress myself anymore. It only makes the recovery process harder. I have realized that I have become incredibly susceptible to concussions. I do not enjoy getting as upset as I do. However, the only way I can live a normal life, is to pack up and leave the racing world. I want to thank all my fans, all three of you for your support. I would like to thank Mr. Freeman for his support through all of this, and I would like to thank everyone who has supported me throughout my career."

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Re: Sean Perkins announces immediate retirement

Post by TW 5 24 Reddit Racing on June 13th 2017, 9:36 pm

Got to applaud Mr. Sean Perkins for retiring due to concussion like symptoms a life in the future is more important than racing another race and wrecking out with another concussion. -Vince Freeze

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