Athenian Motorsports still in question of plans heading forward

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Athenian Motorsports still in question of plans heading forward

Post by FUEL on July 8th 2017, 11:37 pm

Many may argue the focus on the future for this race team may be what's holding back Athenian Motorsports from rising up and being a power house team in the series. Since the start of the year, Athenian Motorsports' Cup team hasn't been up to their standards as they would have liked to of been. Athenian Motorsports recently was in the news on how their team may drop from the series due to a lack of leadership within the team. The current owner has the keys to it but what he plans on doing with the team is completely up to him and the future relies on whether the team falls, gets passed on to someone or gets sold to someone. The team has a huge line up of drivers signed on, Levi Pascoe, Eric Burton, Charlie Smith, Jake West and PJ Williams are all on board the team and would need to find rides if the team is sold off, dropped or passed down to someone else.

Either way at this point, all 5 of those drivers just mentioned, their careers are in question at the moment... The team no doubt will not have their same leader anymore, whether the team is owned by someone else and that person decides to keep them around is going to be solely up to them. More than likely at least 1 or more will get let go after this year.

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