Aaron Taylor docked 10 points for wreckless driving in Canada

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Aaron Taylor docked 10 points for wreckless driving in Canada

Post by FUEL on July 12th 2017, 2:09 pm

During the Round 19 of Canadian Tire, it was raining and a lot of drivers didn't have a lot of experience driving on road courses, much less the rain. So some accidents were bound to happen, whether it was drivers running into others or sliding off the course. The officials warned the drivers of the conditions and that the officials understood the conditions and that it will be difficult but to not push the limits and to not be wreckless. After the end of the race, the officials only had one problem with one driver from that race. Aaron Taylor had ran into multiple people out there after being warned during the race to take it easy. Taylor found himself as the cause of more than 3 wrecks during the race. The SCS Officials will be docking him 10 driver points to Taylor in the championship. Aaron Taylor will drop from 17th to 20th in points, 184 back to D.J. Kurtis the point leader.

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