Season 3 Testing Goes Wrong

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Season 3 Testing Goes Wrong

Post by RedViperGaming on December 19th 2015, 11:49 am

After some extreme testing at Daytona, VCS officials might have to completely redo their schedule, that or use their companion Series FireFox Truck Series Schedule. The wreck involved the #8 or Arvin Alonso who came up the track into Skyla Johnson and Nick Pericles and hit the wall at 200+ MPH. Saftey concerns are in full effect as Officials will not run Daytona. Many protest came from the drivers, especially and surpisingly Nick Pericles."Yes, I did hit the wall at 200 MPH+, but the track is so much fun, it has great racing and the pack racing isn't too tight. VCS Officials should keep it on the schedule." No one was hurt in that accident although some did see the damage done to the cars. FTS Owner Kevin Mitchel was one,"It was a terrible sight to see, there was oil everywhere and debris was in the stands, although they were small pieces. Pericles was the first one to jump out and check to see if the drivers were okay." After today, there may be no Daytona on the WIP Schedule. Kevin Mitchel reportedly gave a copy of the FTS Schedule without Daytona on the list. "We are still going to Daytona, we have had some great testing over there." Mitchel stated. With the FTS Schedule, VCS thinks it suits them well. Testing at Karlaja begins in Thursday.

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