American 700 to be lengthened for 10th running in Season 21?

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American 700 to be lengthened for 10th running in Season 21?

Post by f1fan on December 19th 2015, 11:02 pm

One thing about the Tonney administration has been they have been incredibly open to any idea that comes to their desk. The latest rumor is that the ARC series has the intentions of running an 800 mile race at the Texas Motor Speedway next season which would take the crown of the Longest race competed with a single driver title away from ARCSOA. ARCSOA CEO Kayla Tonney then put out a statement saying, "I do not have a lot of faith that the ARC Series will get an 800 mile race off the ground. The series is struggling to the point where they had to cancel races last season. Why on earth they would try and pull off an 800 mile event is beyond me. However we do have a lot of special things planned for the 10th running of the American 700 anyway. And if the 800 miler does in fact take place, it may involve a 7 being chopped of the two- 0's and a 1 and another 0 being added."

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