The opinion on Sean Perkins (Prepare to rage)

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The opinion on Sean Perkins (Prepare to rage)

Post by f1fan on July 24th 2017, 11:30 pm

Round 1: Retirement Tours

I bloody hate em. Granted, I never really announced retirement. I was kind of forced out by my doctors. Concussions suck don't they. But these self-glorified tours of praise of rather mediocre drivers actually is quite draining. What is it, we have had six or so drivers announce retire this year. Everyone seems to be making a huge deal about these guys retiring. In reality, Luke Martin is really the only driver that should be getting praise. If Nick Mace retires, then he should get praise to... but it seems like every week that story of whether he is retiring or not changes. 

I mean, now we are making a big deal of James Silverfox retiring. What in the world did he ever do to deserve the recognition he is getting. He won a Daytona 500, big deal. I have one of those, and I was a terrible driver. Better than him, but still terrible. 

Eugene Demax is another one... What in the world did he do? He may of won a championship, but so have a bunch of guys who never received any recognition for it. 

I stated that if I had retired the way I wanted to. I wanted to fade out without any recognition. Luckily, I left with little media fanfare. That's a good thing. I never really wanted that kind of attention. However, it's time for these drivers to stop being such drama queens and just retire. Quite frankly, these retirement tours are quite annoying, and don't do anything for the sport we all know in love, except create unnecessary drama and storylines.

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Re: The opinion on Sean Perkins (Prepare to rage)

Post by Mr.YAMP on July 24th 2017, 11:56 pm

I just realized this
Sean Perkins = Chick Hicks

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