Dunkin Donuts Series Schedule WITH WINNERS

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Dunkin Donuts Series Schedule WITH WINNERS

Post by nhood53 on July 25th 2017, 9:23 am

All races will be 25% Laps. (I don't want very long races, tbh)
* 6/13/17 Daytona- Kei Nagase and Rob Mooney
1. 6/20/17 Daytona- Alyssa Longwood
2. 6/27/17- Sonoma- Joshua Hyatt
3. 7/11/17- Darlington- Bubba Martin
4. 7/18/17- Charlotte- Rob Mooney
5. 7/25/17- Kentucky Combined race- Rob Mooney
6. 8/1/17- Road Atlanta- Sakato Yamazaki
7. 8/8/17- Iowa- Carl Dawson
8. 8/16/17- Watkins Glen- William Duncan
9. 8/22/17- Talladega- Cassie Gaines
10. 8/29/17- Pikes Peak- Samantha Sampson
11. 9/5/17- Pocono- Carl Dawson
12. 9/12/17- Miller Utah- Darren Weber
13. 9/19/17- Lakewood- Ingrid Weiss
14. Dover- Wilson Wallace
15. Richmond- Pedro
16. Homestead- Joshua Hyatt
17. Atlanta- Darren Weber
18. Rusty's Chicken Farm- Ryan Yarbough
19. Auto Club- Henrietta Fitzwater
20- New Hampshire- Katie Anderson
21. Michigan
22. Talladega

(Note: The dates are incorrect on this schedule, however I will have Charlotte posted soon. All races ran by me will be 50% or 100%, and Jeff's will be 25%.)

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Re: Dunkin Donuts Series Schedule WITH WINNERS

Post by Tigerman on June 13th 2018, 11:04 am

Can you please erase the dates?
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