Levi Pascoe and Athenian Motorsports sign a contract extension for 2018

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Levi Pascoe and Athenian Motorsports sign a contract extension for 2018

Post by FUEL on July 29th 2017, 11:59 am

Levi Pascoe and Athenian Motorsports have had a great partnership since the beginning of 2016. Pascoe winning at Oklahoma and qualifying for the playoffs in 2016 and nearly winning the championship over there. Pascoe and Athenian knew they were up against a challenge this year with there not being a playoff format and needing to be consistent and run good all year to fight for a title.

Levi Pascoe muscled his car in the first 10 races to 1 top 5 and 4 top 10s and sat 2nd in the title run. The little team that could was making it happen. However, Pascoe took a lick in the championship for a few races finishing out of the race in a lot of the races and not finishing quite as good as he once was. Levi Pascoe in the last 11 races has only 2 Top 20 finishes and has dropped from 2nd to 21st in the standings. He sits right in the position he was last year in points down in the 20s in points. Many question if his runs had to do with the performance of the team and the team being up in the air on if they'll return in 2018. With their future decided for 2018 and settled. Athenian Motorsports is now more focused on the team to better them all.

For Levi Pascoe after what has been a miserable summer in the run of 2017, Pascoe actually resigned with Athenian Motorsports for 2018 hoping for better results and hoping to return to victory lane and get back to where the team was at the start of the year.

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