Season 2 Drivers Ratings Package.(New drivers only)

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Season 2 Drivers Ratings Package.(New drivers only)

Post by NRacer96 on August 11th 2017, 6:33 pm

f1fan wrote:Due to the massive amounts of cars we are getting this season. I am making the ratings system as streamlined as possible.

In each ratings block, there are 4 categories.
There is a base rating of 40-60 for each rating.
In each block, you must assign a +9 rating, and a -9 rating.

Ratings Example:

Aggression: 0
Consistency: +9
Finishing: -9
Qualifying: 0

Road Course: 0
Short Track: 0
Speedway: -9
SuperSpeedway: +9

Car ratings will be determined a bit differently. They will be based on how well I, along with you think your specific car would stack up against the others. More on that later!


Give me your ratings via PM


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