Waffles in the Morning: The Story of how Ol' Joe' Favorite Morning Meal Turned His Dream Into a Reality

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Waffles in the Morning: The Story of how Ol' Joe' Favorite Morning Meal Turned His Dream Into a Reality

Post by CJ Racing on August 22nd 2017, 1:41 pm

Waffles in the Morning: The Story of how Ol' Joe' Favorite Morning Meal Turned His Dream Into a Reality

It was a bright and sunny Sunday morning in the summer of 1963, and Ol' Joe Franklin was getting ready to go to the track, the one that for over the last 2 years had quickly become his favorite race track to go to, Augusta International Raceway. Getting into his Chevy Pickup Truck(Chevy didn't really have names for their pickup trucks back in the day) that he bought when he first got into racing in 1955, and with his race car in tow, he got on the road and was making the relativity short drive to Augusta. He wanted to get on the road early. But it wasn't because of traffic, or so that he could get to the track before everyone else.

No, you see, while Ol' Joe had the 3 loves that everyone knew about, there was a 4th that you could have only known had you been around and known him during his racing days. What was that love? Waffles! More specifically, waffles and steak, and there was no better place to go get exactly that, quickly and at a reasonable price, then at Waffle House. You see, just as Ol' Joe's racing career started, so did Waffle House, almost as if they were made for one another.

And so almost every week, on his way to whatever track he was going to, Ol' Joe made sure to stop by and get his waffles in the morning. It became almost a way of life for Ol' Joe, and for the people working there at that Waffle House, Ol' Joe became almost like family to them. Even after his racing career was over, Ol' Joe was a very frequent customer, always bringing a smile and a laugh to the faces of those working there, and when Ol' Joe passed away, several of the cooks and cashiers that had known him for so long were at his funeral.

As the GAMRA was being formed, and Ryan Franklin saw that his Dad's dream was beginning to take shape, Ryan knew that he would need someone to sponsor this series for there to be any real chance of the series to make it. He called, wrote, and messaged companies from all across the Southeast USA, but despite some interest, there no one had stepped up with an offer to sponsor the series… Until one day, when a letter came in to Ryan's mailbox, from none another then guess who? Waffle House! You see, not only did Ol' Joe's story resonate deeply with them, but when the stories from the cooks, cashiers, etc., about Ol' Joe came in, Waffle House knew that without a doubt, that this was the right choice.

And so the GAMRA Waffle House Grand National Series was born!

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