Wilhoit released from Silverspeed effective immediately

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Wilhoit released from Silverspeed effective immediately

Post by f1fan on August 25th 2017, 11:54 pm

In a shocking announcement, Gerald Silver, the leader of Silverspeed, has announced the termination of driver Tristan Wilhoit from car #83. Wilhoit has been the butt of a lot of bad luck this season, and his results aren't exactly stellar. 

Silver was quite damning with his statements, highlighting that the relationship between Wilhoit and the team broke down in recent weeks. "Tristan was acting quite petulant in his contest to try and score points this year. He commonly blamed the team for mistakes that could have been avoided behind the wheel. Tristan was also incompetent in running our on board computer system. During a race, we would have to talk him through running diagnostic tests while racing or in the pits. We don't need that kind of crummy attitude driving one of our cars. Plus his results pale in comparison to Nick's (Pericles)." 

A replacement in car #83 has not been announced yet.

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