S1 GAMRA Waffle House Grand National Series Team Chart

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S1 GAMRA Waffle House Grand National Series Team Chart

Post by CJ Racing on August 29th 2017, 12:18 pm

Current S1 Team Chart

Moonlight Racing
Team Owner: David Moonlight
Team Location: Melbourne, Florida
Team Manufacture: Chevy
1. #3 Wrangler(REDDIT/ZAXBY's)--- John Arndt(18)/Austin, Texas
2. #8 Demaco--- Lawrence DuBois(17)/Lafayette, Louisiana

Team Name: Flying Aces Racing
Team Owner: Jeffrey Knight
Team Location: Bryan/College Station, Texas
Team Manufacture: Chevy
3. #24 Dr Pepper--- Zachary Fitzwater Sr.(25)/Sydney, NSW, Australia
4. #48 Blue Bell Ice Cream--- Thomas ("Tom") Griffin Jr(22)/Charlotte, North Carolina

Team Owner: Mike Mart Jr.
Team Location: Homestead, Florida
Team Manufacture: Dodge
5. #1 Samsung--- Marcus Duncan(20)/Hardy, Arkansas
6. #2 Gilette--- Dan Louison(49)/Ninety-Six, South Carolina

Mcree & Johnny Finguy Motorsports
Team Owner: Johnny Finguy / Vince Mcree
Team Location: Daytona Beach. FL
Team Manufacture: Ford
7. #21 Motorcraft--- Hannah Allen(19)/Chesapeake, Virginia
8. #29 Vavoline--- Bobby Jones(20)/Palmdale, California

TR Inc.
Team Owner: Tim Randolph
Team Location:Charlotte, North Carolina
Team Manufacture:Dodge
9. #13 Cheetos--- Heather Halden(25)/Fort Worth, Texas
10. #83 Brisk Iced Tea--- Braeden Haxley III(40)/Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama
11. #95 Sunoco--- Max Anderson(18)/United Kingdom

Roush-Iwanczyk Racing
Team Owner: Scott Roush & Johnny Iwanczyk Jr.
Team Location: Clermont, FL
Team Manufacture: Plymouth
12. #71 Goodyear--- Alex Benyacko(19)/Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Brock & Normandy Enterprises
Team Owner: William Brock / Ella Normandy
Team Location: Dawsonville, Georgia
Team Manufacture: Chevy
13. #40 Home Depot--- Brett Stephens(33)/Augusta, Georgia
14. #41 Dynamite Entertainment--- David Anderson(25)/Charleston, South Carolina
15.. #42 Delta Airlines--- Takuya Sako(30)/Fuji, Japan

Blue Flare Motorsports
Team Owner: Johnson Freeman
Team Location: Toronto, Canada
Team Manufacture: Mercury
16. #41 Starbucks--- Adam Vincent(23)/Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
17. #81 CypressHQ--- Audra Baranauskas(21)/Vilnius, Lithuania

Epik Motorsports
Team Owner: Vance Caldwell
Team Location: Macomb, Michigan
Team Manufacturer: Mercury
18. #17 Yahoo!--- Roman Rehall(20)/Germany
19. #33 La Croix--- Paul Jackson(19)/Millville, New Jersey

Trailblazer Motorsports
Team Owner: Aidan Shepherd
Team Location: Fort Worth, TX
Team Manufacture: Mercury
20. #7 - McDonald's--- Stanton Thaber(17)/New Jersey, New Jersey

Haddix-Hudelson Racing
Team Owner: Jon Bunnell
Team Location: San Jose, California
Team Manufacture: Chevy
21. #53 Food Lion--- Jon Bunnell(19)/Glasgow, Kentucky
22. #79 FOX--- Deb Bunnell(35)/San Jose, California
23. #157 Cheerios--- Sakuri Tsonisaka(21)/Tachikawa, Japan

Thunderbolt Racing
Team Owner: Paul Jackson
Team Location: Millville, NJ, USA
Team Manufacturer: Dodge
24. #10 Factory Kahne--- Alexander Rowe(20)/Kansas City, Kansas
25. #78 Red Bull--- Marty McGee(21)/Nashville, Tennessee
26. #88 Amsoil--- Eric Monaco(19)/Middletown, New York

Floyd Motorsports
Team Owner: Stewart Floyd
Team Location: Norfolk, VA
Team Manufacturer: Plymouth
27. #08 Hardee's--- Kyle Collins(22)/St.John's, Newfoundland

Team Owner: Tylor Thaber
Team Location: Upstate New Jersey
Team Manufacture: Plymouth
#28. #404 Spectacular Northwest Territories--- John Christchurch(39)/Hay River, Canada
#29. #900 Ledford/Hendrix--- Tylor Thaber(19)/Upstate New Jersey

Hamilton Autosports
Team Owner: Sean Angel
Team Location: Hamilton, ON, CA
Team Manufacturer: Pontiac
30. #58 Canada Dry--- Mark Nutt(32)/Leeds, UK
31. #59 Ohsweken Speedway--- "Shrimp" Engrits(55)/Erwinville, Louisiana

Chris Dodd:
2018 SCS: Driver of the #15 Oreo's Ford for Martin Motorsports
Wins: None(Yet Smile ...)
DNF's: Too Many
Amount of Fun: Priceless

Memorable Moments:
1st Daytona 500 win(as an owner); PNOCS S2 Daytona 500!! (As a Driver); 2-Time Daytona 500 Winner
S1 Duraflame National Racing Series CHAMP, S2 Hershey's Cup Series CHAMP, S3 DASCAR Martini Endurance Series CHAMP!

Motto: Always remember... WATCH OUT FOR THE ORANGE CONE!!
CJ Racing
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