Indianapolis 250 will be invitation only.

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Indianapolis 250 will be invitation only.

Post by f1fan on September 1st 2017, 9:45 am

An expected move by ARCSOA has just been sent down. Only cars invited to the Indianapolis 250 will be able to attempt the Indianapolis 250. ARCSOA has mandated in a statement that they only expect to allow 42 entries on the grid, thereby eliminating qualifying races or qualifying sessions. In a statement released by ARCSOA, the organization stated,

 "With Fontana, we can allow slower cars on the grid because the track is so wide. We don't have that option at Indianapolis. Therefore, we have found it is nessecary to cap the entries to the 36 full time cars and six one off cars that we invite from the American 700. Typically these will be the 6 one off cars that impressed us the most in that race."  

One off cars expected to be granted entry are: Ike Durbin, Erin Perkins, Sean Perkins, Ryan Griffin, and two other non-labeled drivers. Zachary Fitzwater was going to be awarded entry. However, it is expected that he will be piloting the #83 that weekend.

Kenny Myatt:

Maddie Myatt:

Erin Perkins:

Sean Perkins:

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