Should the Sony Cup Series continue to use bonus points?

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Should Bonus Points Return In 2018?

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Should the Sony Cup Series continue to use bonus points?

Post by FUEL on November 27th 2017, 1:10 am

In 2017, the Sony Cup Series made the move to reward drivers who went out and led laps during the race and reward the winner of the race a little more with bonus points for the win. In the end, bonus points ended up being the deciding factor in who won the 2017 Championship. The driver who won 5 races and led majority of the races ended up being the champion over someone who had 0 wins and didn't lead as many laps all year. Bonus points ended up costing Dom Caps the title due to not being as competitive as DJ Kurtis all year. Consistent Top 10s was enough to keep his name in the fight but it was bonus points that reward Kurtis to his 2nd championship.

Do you believe bonus points should return or do you think consistency should be reward over competitiveness?

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