Emma White to pull out of the Hardee's National Series.

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Emma White to pull out of the Hardee's National Series.

Post by Mr.YAMP on December 12th 2017, 11:24 pm

In a press conference earlier today Emma Davis, better known for going by her maiden name Emma White, announced that she will not be running full time in the Hardee's National Series for 2018 and actually might not run at all. "I going to be stepping out of the driver seat for awhile" Emma announced, "Jordan [Davis] and I have been talking about this for awhile. It was something we've been thinking about and thought this was the best time for us to do it." Jordan Davis then walked on the stage. "We're pregnant!" They exclaimed. "Well she is anyways" Jordan remarked. The little known couple who got married about 3 years ago will be having their first child! It's an exciting occasion. As of now Emma hasn't told us her plans for after she delivers the baby. "Look I love racing. I don't need a fancy ride. I just wanna go fast and beat some fenders in, but I've also really wanted to be a mom." She stated, "I feel like I've done everything I've need to do in the top levels, so it might be time to step back and live my second dream."

Jordan Davis
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