Round of Ohio moved to new facility due to flooding

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Round of Ohio moved to new facility due to flooding

Post by f1fan on December 30th 2017, 7:59 pm

The Ohio Motor Speedway, located in Findlay, Ohio has seen numerous flooding problems. The track is located on the banks of the Blanchard River, a river which has caused major flooding to the city of Findlay. Well, the track was flooded again by the Blanchard River, and this time the track took significant damage. 

Due in part to the issues with the Ohio Motor Speedway, the owners of the Findlay facility have been working with ARCSOA over the past few years to create a new race track near ARCSOA headquarters up on the Catawba Peninsula. 

The facility was deemed to be ready for Season 25. However, the brand new Catawba Central International Raceway (CCIR) deadline has been pushed up. The race was supposed to see it's first race, an ARCSOA Lights race in September. However, the need to move on from the Ohio Motor Speedway has been deemed too important. All hands are on deck in order to make Catawba Central ready for racing. The towns of Port Clinton, Marblehead, and Catawba Island will become the new homes of the ARCSOA facility. 

The facility is built around the ARCSOA Hall of Fame, in Lakeside-Marblehead Ohio. ARCSOA headquarters is only a 15 minute drive down State Route 53 to Catawba Island. However, the track is actually visible from the PWCOM headquarters, who have been apparently protesting it's construction since it's inception. 

Kenny Myatt stated, "One of the downsides to retiring in Season 24 was the fact that I wouldn't be able to participate at this brand new facility purpose built for ARCSOA. Provided we get the track done in time, Catawba Central International Raceway will be the best facility in ARCSOA." He continued by saying, "Ohio is ARCSOA's home. Sadly, Ohio Motor Speedway wasn't really embracing the Ohio-ARCSOA fandom. This track is right in the heart of ARCSOA country. The Hall of Fame, as well as ARCSOA Headquarters are within a 20 minute drive from the track. Heck, the hall of fame is right on site of this fine facility. It also holds a lot more people than OMS ever did." 

The Catawba Peninsula, located in Ottawa County is a very touristy area of Ohio. The track is about 30 minutes from Sandusky, the largest city in the area. Maddie Myatt spent a lot of her childhood growing up in this area. "I love Marblehead and Catawba Island. It's the closest thing you get to Amaria up north. Everyone is so friendly up there. It's my favorite place in the whole world." 

The big question is, will the track be done in time? Or will the Round of Ohio have to be cancelled?

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