Rodriguez Racing signs on Sean Angel for the 2018 Season

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Rodriguez Racing signs on Sean Angel for the 2018 Season

Post by FUEL on January 16th 2018, 8:15 pm

Over the past couple days Rodriguez Racing made it known that commitment to their race team is huge to them. Martin Motorsports -- Rodriguez Racing one of the top Ford teams in both the Sony Cup Series and Hardee's National Series is known for signing on rookies and turning them into super stars. Multiple champions in the Sony Cup Series started their career with Luke Martin as their mentor, (D.J. Kurtis, Jordan Davis, Jesse Turner) and so the team after releasing their driver that they had hope of building a career was released due to commitment values... the team worked on finding a young driver full of potential that hadn't proved anything yet.

That driver happens to be Sean Angel with a great racing background to boot. Angel is looking to work his way up the rank and start his career in the Hardee's National Series with Rodriguez and Martin Motorsports. Martin Motorsports has plans to help support Sean Angel in the Cup Series in the United Emirates Racing organization.

President of the Sony Cup Series
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