Rumor: Silverspeed begging veteran drivers to replace Moss

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Rumor: Silverspeed begging veteran drivers to replace Moss

Post by f1fan on February 4th 2018, 2:56 pm

After a rather silly incident at Daytona, Silverspeed has apparently opened up a very intense search for a possible replacement for Beka Moss. Moss has made two very questionable decisions, in two of the last three races. Both of which could have been very dangerous on the track. Moss currently sits with two strikes on her behavioural record, one more strike will earn her a 1-race ban. 

However, Silverspeed isn't interested in finding a replacement for that possible outcome. Silverspeed is apparently looking at a possible full season replacement. Mastercard is apparently looking to terminate their deal early. They were none too keen on sponsoring Moss in the first place. 

Kenny Myatt had some strong comments about Moss while he was a guest on Nick Mace's ARCSOA Today podcast this week, 

Kenny Myatt wrote:"She's by far the worst driver on the grid. The only reason why she has the ride she does is because she's marketable. Female drivers are marketable. There is only one female driver on the grid right now that has any talent, and it's quite clear who I think that is. Moss is attractive and therefore can bring in the funding required to boost the other two drivers. Heck, look at that MasterCard commercial you see during ARCSOA race broadcasts. You know, the one where she looks like a teenager in rather revealing clothing, running around a mall, charging everything on a MasterCard. She's marketable. That marketability is dying right now since MasterCard has realized that she has no talent. Gerald (Silver) is doing everything he needs to do. If MasterCard pulls out, he needs a driver with a sponsor. One preferably that can hold a candle to that of Nick (Pericles) and John (Arndt). Her one win in Illinois was an absolute fluke caused by a massive accident. With Action Terra closing, and Mentervini downsizing. There are two options right there. Although it's becoming clear that Dover is going to Team Flame."

Silverspeed is apparently desperate to find a driver to possibly replace Moss. Rumor has it, they were talking with Scott Roush in order to get him out of PWCOM to take over the ride. Rumors have stated that Corsa Ferrari, Roush's employer for next season, could block that move. There even is a rumor of Silverspeed might try and buy out the remaining D&C contract that either Zaedin Davidson or Aidan Shepherd has remaining. No clue though on the validity of the rumors.

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