Luke Martin: "I think Mace should really consider putting me in for the rest of the season"

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Luke Martin: "I think Mace should really consider putting me in for the rest of the season"

Post by FUEL on April 10th 2018, 9:56 pm

Coming off Round 5 on the schedule and just completing his 3rd race of the entire season... Luke Martin has jumped to 22nd in the Championship Standings. Luke Martin has missed 2 races compared to most of the competition in the series and is beating half of his competition. Luke Martin subbing for Charles Sandfer put up the highest finish for Mace Enterprises this past weekend as he ran Top 5 for majority of the final segment as he tried to capitalize on other people's mistakes. Luke Martin finished 5th at Baer Field and this is what he had to say on his strong finish subbing for Charles Sandfer.

Luke Martin: "I was super proud to get that top 5. The car wasn't the fastest all day but we avoided trouble and were there at the end. If I couldn't win, I'm glad one of my drivers did. Congrats to Matt Rodriguez on his awesome win. 22nd in points... missed 2 races... I'm still ahead of half the full time drivers basically. If that's not enough for Nick Mace to say, "you know what, let's put him in the car full time for the season!" I don't know what I could do to get the ride if I haven't earned it already. I'm ahead of both Demax and Sandfer in points, given Sandfer has missed two races like me. But I think Mace should really consider putting me in the car for the rest of the season. Obviously I still got it and I am still capable of winning racers. Some people are mad that I was offered the ride instead of a young guy. Well you know what I have to say to them? Shove it! If you were a owner, you'd want the best drivers in your cars 24/7. That's what Nick did and that's what all good owners do. To you haters, take notes."

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