Nick Pericles out of a ride heading into Talladega

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Nick Pericles out of a ride heading into Talladega

Post by FUEL on May 24th 2018, 1:14 pm

After Richmond's comments from Nick Pericles he was left without a ride heading into the following race weekend with Zaedin Davidson replacing him behind the wheel along with Scott Roush taking over Davidson's ride.

This leaves no opening as of now to where Pericles will go and he's here at Talladega helping try to get the 32 car in the show for the first time since Baer Field.

Nick Pericles: "I did kind of put the team on the spot but it's the truth. The team sucks and we aren't going anywhere. Running outside the Top 30 with a team that won races last year isn't very good. I'm not sorry for my comments even though it has me out of a ride. I'll be back in a race car even if it means taking the rest of the year off though. My plans now are to help get RSR back on track."

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