Eric Demax will not return to Mace Enterprises for 2019

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Eric Demax will not return to Mace Enterprises for 2019

Post by DKurtis on June 15th 2018, 11:58 pm

Silly season for HNS is already underway as Eric Demax and Mace Enterprises announced earlier this week that Eric Demax will not return with the team for 2019. The press asked a few questions about why Eric came to this decision and this is what Demax had to say.

"Well first and foremost, despite all the struggles we had this year, I would like to thank Nick for giving me the opportunity to race in the first place. However, I just think that now, if I stay on this team, I feel like I'm just gonna drag them back even further. And I don't want that happen to this organization. I already dragged them back on the Cup side and that lack of pace basically transfered into here also. So frankly, I'm the one to blame for that and I take full responsibility of it.
As of now, I just feel like I need a change of scenery. A fresh start. New challenges and new objectives to accomplish. To be with a team that fits my experience and skills in a race car...
Now as of now, I don't know where I'm gonna go for next season however if I don't get an offer to even drive next year then I can definitely understand why."

So now there's some questions still left unanswered.
1. Where will Eric Demax go to next season?
2. Who will drive the #5 car for next year?

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