Vince Freeze to drive for Flying Aces for majority of the remaining races

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Vince Freeze to drive for Flying Aces for majority of the remaining races

Post by DKurtis on October 19th 2018, 12:07 am

After a recent announcement with Titanium Motorsports dropping down to 2 cars, it has led to two free agents, that being Vince Freeze and Carlie McDowell. There have been multiple discussions on the future of the two drivers, but many are aware that Vince Freeze will drive for Texan Motorsports in 2019 for the Sony Cup legend, Eugene Demax. However, the lack of track time after the recent transpiration of events have brought many questions for the youngster. There were many talks amongst teams, especially within the Flying Fox Racing Alliance.

It has been announced that Vince Freeze will pilot the #25 Dr. Pepper Chevy Camaro for a majority of the remaining races for the 2018 season. With the awareness of Flying Aces adding a second car for 2019, the alliance immediately discussed the benefits it could have for both Vince Freeze and Flying Aces Racing's further development into adjusting to a second car. They believed it was a win/win situation, with Freeze getting more experience and track time, and Flying Aces getting used to the challenge of dealing with a second car in a week after week basis. The remaining individual races that Ross Jackson and JJ Roberts still have will still be implemented as planned, and as for Freeze and Flying Aces, it could be a potential step in the right direction into the potential the driver and the team could harness for 2019 and beyond.

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