i want to know

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Re: i want to know

Post by XuticX on January 16th 2016, 10:03 pm

you can make paint schemes without the game, but you can't really look at them on a car since you do that in the game.
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Re: i want to know

Post by CJ Racing on January 18th 2016, 11:14 am

There is a program called Carviewer that allows you to see what the schemes would look like on the car without owning the game. You would need the templates and the Carviewer files(which can both be found online) to do it, and it takes a little while to figure it out(for me it did anyway).

And umm... *COUGH* *COUGH* You can find the game online *COUGH* *COUGH*...

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Re: i want to know

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