2016 Global Stock Car Tour Showroom

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2016 Global Stock Car Tour Showroom

Post by Rykia on 1/23/2016, 4:20 am

The Global Stock Car Tour is a league I've been running in NR2003 since 2013, however this league dates waaaaaaay back to when I played with die cast cars. I've thought about bringing the canon to the forum, and I still might. This league has a similar format to the AES as far as two car teams (three-car teams ran in 2013 and 2015 though). This thread is showcasing the cars that will take to the grid in 2016. I plan on opening up the support divisions for sign-ups soon.

The cars posted currently are the teams that took part in the 2015 season. I'll post the rest of the teams in the coming days.

The defending constructor's champions, Apollo looks to continue their stranglehold over the series.  Winning the past three driver's championships as well, the team has been the unstoppable force for the last three seasons.  However, with a model change aiming for more engine power and less of an aerodynamic force, it's unknown how they'll perform in 2016.
1 - Braxton Rinno (DEFENDING CHAMPION, 2013 Champion):

Discount Tire [19 races]

Apollo Investment Group [9 races]

51 - Caio Speed (2014 Champion):

Eterne [19 races]

Apollo Investment Group [9 races]

Full Throttle Audi
The Audi-backed team is always a force to be reckoned with.  Despite winning their last driver's championship in 2007, the team finished runner-up in the constructor's championship in 2015, with lead driver Pat Keda finishing second in points.
2 - Pat Keda (2007 Champion):

Sylab Technologies [12 races]

Audi [8 races]

William Rast [5 races]

Arotel Telecommunications [3 races]

80 - Shane Day:

Pepsi Max [12 races]

Lowe's [10 races]

Mountain Dew [6 races]

Sato Shibuya Racing
The Honda-backed team has only won a single championship--and that was with a driver no longer in the series.  However with arguably the best road racer in the series coupled with a young driver who continues to improve, this team has been on the brink.  Look for this team to be a darkhorse for the driver's and constructor's championships.  
62 - Miles Speed:

Sarabai [26 races]

Atsuro Technologies

64 - Aaron Bragg:

Yotsuba Insurance Corp. [12 races]

Netflix [8 races]

Nuka Cola Quantum [6 races]

Atsuro Technologies [2 races]

RM Racing
RM Racing has experienced its ups and downs.  2015 saw the team receive a mixed bag of results as the team scored four victories, but had none of their drivers finish in the top five in the points standings.  However a brand switch from Nissan to Infiniti could see an increase in overall speed--especially at the larger ovals.
44 - Joe Tecchio (2009 Champion):

Clu::ch [11 races]

Nilacor [9 races]

Arquin Breweries [9 races]

46 - Kasey Ackerton:

Arquin Breweries [13 races]

Linux Mint [7 races]

Ubuntu [6 races]

Linux [2 races]

Iverson Racing
2015 was possibly Iverson Racing's worst season, although it did see a few highlights as well.  Jake Arlan became the first driver to not only win on debut, but win his in both of his first two starts, which catapulted him to the top of the Rookie class.  While his teammate Sheldon Everhart also held a victory at season's end, the two just managed a combined total of six top fives all season.  However as the team switches from Holden to Ford with full factory backing, the team hopes to achieve higher success in 2016.
14 - Sheldon Everhart:

MHL [20 races]

Cyra [9 races]

40 - Jake Arlan:


American Power GM
For the factory Chevrolet team, 2015 was a disappointment.  The team showed consistency early on, however only scored one victory with rookie Ky Boulden.  They look to improve on 2016 as their driver lineup shuffles.  
21 - Ky Boulden:

Launch Energy

33 - Jason Pyke:

Quantum Engineering

Michael Donnelly BMW
2016 will see a big shake-up for Michael Donnelly BMW.  While both drivers return and they remain the primary BMW outfit, the team struggled in 2015 and as a result, sponsor Voltso pulled its sponsorship from both drivers.  While primary driver Alex Fuller has full backing, secondary driver Max Jones still has many unsponsored races.  Only time will tell how this team will perform in 2016.
9 - Alex Fuller:

Backyard Grill [17 races]

Delano [6 races]

Diet Delano [3 races]

Delano Zero [2 races]

12 - Max Jones:

STOP Debt [10 races]

Delano [6 races]

Unsponsored [TBA races]

Ritchit Racing
After running one car completely unsponsored in 2015, Ritchit Racing struggled and could only muster one top twenty points finish between their three cars.  However will full sponsorship in 2016, the team looks to improve on their lackluster performances.
28 - Ian Abramsson:

Jegs [11 races]

LoBo [11 races]

Apple [6 races]

87 - Austin Robinson:


Suzuka Corp.
Suzuka Corp. has been running refurbished Dodges for the past two seasons after receiving no manufacturer backing, and their results show it.  However with full factory support from Dodge in 2016, the team appears to have the backing they need to once again be competitive.
56 - Daniel Hatten:

Salomon Snowboards [18 races]

Dodge [5 races]

Mopar [5 races]

5 - Kale Goins:


5 Gum



Summit Performance
Since their inception in the series two years prior, Summit Performance has proven that they will do what it takes to last in the series.  Unfortunately, they have yet to yield results.  
18 - Rallen Hayden:

Bitfenix [18 races]

X-cel Energy [10 races]

15 - Cam Troy:


Valentin Racing
After rising from the ashes of DASH Autosport, the team raced in 2015 with limited funding and no factory backing due to their late entry to the roster.  The team was mired in the backfield, but their perseverance caught the attention of Toyota, who will fully support them in 2016.  It's doubtful they'll be a championship threat immediately, but look for them to be farther up the grid than they were in 2015.
01 - Mason Kast:


11 - James Spade:

Cooper's [8 races]

Toyota [6 races]

Loan Pros [6 races]

RB [4 races]

Alpinestars [4 races]

Tim Dalton Enterprises
TDE has struggled throughout their existence, but with newer customer cars and a small amount of funding from Chevy, the team may improve in 2016.
8 - Darren Warner:

Menard's Brands

54 - Michael Sheradon:

Menard's Brands


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Re: 2016 Global Stock Car Tour Showroom

Post by CJ Racing on 1/23/2016, 7:53 am

I hope you do decide to bring this series to the forum, it looks great!

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Re: 2016 Global Stock Car Tour Showroom

Post by Rykia on 1/27/2016, 3:27 am

Lycan Motorsports Group
Lycan Motorsports Group is the result of a merger between two former stronghold teams.  They ran select races in 2015 in order to prepare, and plan to make a bid at the 2016 championship as a satellite team to Full Throttle Audi.  They could be anywhere on the board as far as competitiveness is concerned, but with two solid drivers, expect them to get everything they can out of their equipment.
0 – Tyson Taylor:

Snap-On [14 races]

Jimmy John’s [14 races]
(Same scheme as above, but with Jimmy John’s logos.  Forgot to take the image.  Oops.)

38 – Dayton Show:

Red Hot Race Wear [12 races]

Snap-On [8 races]

Unsponsored [TBA races]

Craken - Millian Racing
Craken - Millian Racing is another merged team, however they are still their own teams, working together to field two full-time cars.  They don't have any manufacturer support and will be running refurbished Toyota chassis.  In addition, the team is still in search of sponsorship for a good portion of the season.  Due to the combination of all of these, they may not be the fastest at the beginning.
6 - Brendan Wyler:

Snap-On [6 races]

Castrol [6 races]

Toyota [TBA races]

Unsponsored [TBA races]

74 - Tyler Dragovitch (R):

Target [12 races]

SIEGE Construction [8 races]

Unsponsored [TBA races]

Ford Alliance Race Team
The Ford Alliance Race Team is a brand new team to the GSCT.  This team is a result of a coalition of smaller Ford teams from support divisions.  Their late entry onto the grid could result in sub-par performances initially, but with a strong lead driver in Kylar Kingston, expect this team to develop quickly.
17 – Kylar Kingston:

Motorola [22 races]

Ford [6 races]

61 – Jace Raemer (R/26 races)/Anthony Maize (2 races):

Defender Mufflers [13 races]

Pizza Barn [2 races]

Ford [TBA races]

Token, Inc.
Formerly the factory Toyota team, Token, Inc. has been around the GSCT for quite a while.  They took a small hiatus from the series in 2015, but returns in 2016 with backing from Kia.  Expect them to be strong upon their return with a strong lead driver.
72 – Marcos Ramirez:

The Home Depot

20 – Riley Token:


Saito Racing
Saito Racing is another team that has been around for a while, winning championships in the mid-1990’s and early 2000’s.  While they’re on a tighter budget than back then, they may be able to pull off a few surprises as the satellite BMW team.
22 – Arian Lauritsen:

Dyelated Paints [21 races]

Spirit Fuel [7 races]

86 – Johnny Romain (R):

Spirit Fuel [14 races]

DeWalt Power Tools [6 races]

Stanley Tools [4 races]

Mac Tools [4 races]

Legion-Cross Racing
This team emerges seemingly from the ashes.  A former team, Legion Racing was a force in the late-1990’s and mid-2000’s before falling off the face of the earth.  They make a return, however, as the Cross family invests in.  They could be ominously fast, as they were able to pick up Sean Berry, a driver who won multiple races and finished in the top ten in points in 2015.  Paired with rookie Andrew Cross, this could be a potent combo.
32 – Sean Berry:


35 – Andrew Cross (R):

Brandt Agriculture


Wolfpack Energy Services

All Star Racing
2016 will mark the first time since 2009 that All Star Racing will run full-time.  They’ll run refurbished Dodges while receiving technical support from Suzuka, so this team could be anywhere on the grid.  But with a former champion, a road course ringer, and a rookie with an open-wheel background, this team could surprise many.
39 – Maya Ricciardo (R):

Lynxe [12 races]

Mozilla Firefox [11 races]

Dodge [5 races]

43 – Chaud Gauche (US road courses/International events)/Kennedy Shale (US ovals):

Channellock Tools [23 races]

Dodge [5 races]

DurbinSport Sanctum, LTD.
After spending several seasons in the support divisions, Ike Durbin will finally bring his team to the GSCT with backing from Sanctum, which will make their debut under their current namesake.  This team could be anywhere on the grid, but if his team’s past in support divisions are any indication, expect them to have some of the best chassis in the series.  Picking up a veteran driver like Seth McCalley, along with longtime development driver and defending Pro Cup Series champion Callum McCoy doesn’t hurt, either.
92 – Seth McCalley:

Shell Pennzoil [9 races]

Skullcandy [8 races]

Great Clips [5 races]

3M [3 races]

Uncle Bob’s Self Storage [2 races]

Awakened Studios [2 races]

49 – Callum McCoy (R):

Alex Whitt Media [8 races]

Vans [7 races]

Great Clips [5 races]

Farmers Insurance [5 races]

Uncle Bob’s Self Storage [2 races]

Awakened Studios [2 races]

Diamond Motors
Diamond Motors first entered the GSCT in 2005, though they’ve never attempted the full schedule until now.  Receiving backing from Chevrolet and running Corvettes, this team could be ominously quick with Jesse Mech and Ty Xavier behind the wheel.
55 – Jesse Mech:

Oreo [18 races]

Right Stuf! [8 races]

Razer Gaming [2 races]

65 – Ty Xavier (R):

Razer Gaming [12 races]

Budweiser [8 races]

Oreo [8 races]

Morgan-Leicht Racing
Morgan-Leicht Racing has competed in the GSCT on and off for the past decade and a half.  However in 2016, they will attempt a full schedule with various backed drivers.  Announced late as the twenty-second of twenty-three teams, who knows how this team will fare after decent outings in their few events in 2015.
95 – Caleb Dresher/Grant Carsons (R/7 races)/Riley Trent (5 races)/Jean Dumolin:

Tide [7 races]

Canon [7 races]

Boxed Water [5 races]

Canadian Tire [TBA races]

Avalon Theatres [TBA races]

96 – Damian Allman (15 races)/Grant Carsons (R/7 races)/Riley Trent (6 races):

Zloop [15 races]

Canon [7 races]

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet [6 races]

…and that’s it for the cars I’ve painted.  There’s one other team owned by TheRealNathNath, and he can post the cars if he’d like.

As for credits:
Templates: Myself (Audi, 2015 Dodge, Infiniti, Impala, Sanctum) NDG (Chevy SS, base for the 2015 Toyota temp, 2013 Toyota temp, 2013 Dodge), andy88 (Kia and 2015 Toyota parts), TheRealNathNath (VW, Taurus, Honda, one of the Toyota temps, Mitsubishi), Lurn2Burn (Hyundai, Mazda), Dannoskins/Excel (One of the Toyota temps), ernhrtfan (Corvette), Mr. YAMP (Mustang), XuticX? (Lexus)
Bases: Myself
Numbers: Various fonts, Racin Grafx
Logos: Google Images, Brands of the World, Myself, Ceej, Cynon, Mr. YAMP, TheMayor44, Nascarboy426, Awakened Studios, other various people/places that I don’t remember

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Re: 2016 Global Stock Car Tour Showroom

Post by Finnish909 on 1/27/2016, 2:40 pm

...Something tells me...
Seth McCally and Jeffery Finguy are best buds. lol
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Re: 2016 Global Stock Car Tour Showroom

Post by McBlair on 1/27/2016, 3:26 pm

There's no Randy's in this series... So I'mma cheer for Ty Xavier!
Is there are place I can watch this series? Like YouTube?

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Re: 2016 Global Stock Car Tour Showroom

Post by RedViperGaming on 1/27/2016, 6:23 pm

I'm Interested to Participate in this series!

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Re: 2016 Global Stock Car Tour Showroom

Post by DKurtis on 1/27/2016, 10:02 pm

Lots of good looking race cars to see on track. Can't wait to watch the series!

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Re: 2016 Global Stock Car Tour Showroom

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