Triple Crown Racing Series?

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Triple Crown Racing Series?

Post by Hsuorttocs on May 23rd 2016, 11:27 am

As you all know it is time for the triple crown in horse racing and that got me thinking... What if I did the same thing. Well I have the idea all planned, It'll go something like this
3 races a year at superspeedways and you give your cars names (Ex Gun Runner, Exaggeration, Etc.) and everyone has a fair chance I have the schedule planned too, enter as many as 6 if you want. Give me the number, name, colors, and pattern.
Coke Zero
New York

Ones Entered:
Gun Runner (SRR)
Itsmyunluckyday (SRR)
Uncle Aldy (SRR)
WaterCooler Dale (CJR)
Lightning McKing (CJR)

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Re: Triple Crown Racing Series?

Post by CJ Racing on May 23rd 2016, 1:10 pm

Team: CJ Racing

Number: 8
Name: WaterCooler Dale
Colors: Blue, White, Red
Pattern: Whatever you want Very Happy Not crazy of course

Number: 88
Name: Lightning McKing
Colors: Red, White, Gold
Pattern: Again, whatever you want.
CJ Racing
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