The ARCSOA Elite Series World Championships Thread (Open)

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The ARCSOA Elite Series World Championships Thread (Open)

Post by f1fan on November 20th 2015, 3:59 pm

OOC: If I already have your car, just comment if you want them to attempt? If not, you are responsible for your car! I wouldn't ask Ike or Wilhoit either!

All championship contenders locked into race, race will not be double points or x2 distance. Tonney cites danger of race as possible reason not to extend it.

After speculation that the race would be lengthened from 50 laps, ARCSOA CEO Kayla Tonney announced that the race like the others will remain at 130 miles. Tonney described, "We are simply going too fast to turn this into anything more then 130 miles. It is safe up to that point, but beyond that it starts getting a little leery!"

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