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Re: CM Racing Team Thread

Post by johnnyracer24 on December 21st 2017, 7:58 pm

Arndt: It took awhile to determine who I will be going with next season, but after some time alone and discussing with friends, I came to the decision to return to the team who gave me my first chance. I had many good offers, but CM felt like the best way to go forward.

Last season was tough. We started to poke through and do good things, including a surprising run for 2nd at Texas. I did have a ride at Athenian in the Cup Series, but I came to the decision that I was nowhere near ready. A second year is the best possible way to get ready for 2019 when I actually feel like I deserve the chance.

Going to be interesting to be the veteran of the team now at CM Racing instead of the rookie. Hannah, Alex, and Jek will all be great teammates and I hope we can all bounce ideas off each other to better ourselves.
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Re: CM Racing Team Thread

Post by CJ Racing on March 12th 2018, 12:13 am

CM Racing Post-Race Team Report after Round 1 @Daytona

Jek Porkins: Started 7th, Finished 2nd
Alex Benyacko: Started 6th, Finished 4th
Hannah Allen: Started 2nd, Finished 7th
John Arndt: Started 5th, Finished 29th

So Close! CM Racing Nearly Wins the Daytona 250
3 of 4 Drivers Finish in the Top 10, Arndt Involved in Wreck While Leading

In what was a great opening race for the team, CM Racing came out of the box strong, with each driver having a chance to win the Daytona 250. John Arndt and Hannah Allen were 1-2, in a 6-car breakaway in the 2nd half of the race, and looking like they were going to be able to have a fantastic chance to be able to battle it for the victory...

Unfortunately, it was not meant to be, as a.... well, an "errant" lap car made a "harsh" and "unexpected" move that Arndt wasn't ready for(EDITOR'S NOTE: DANG, it's really hard not to be unbiased here, I mean this is supposed to a Post-race report on the team, really without personal opinions, but let's be real, the #74 was an idiot!!! Anyways... :/), putting him in the wall and costing him his chance at winning the race.

But the CM Racing team continued to fight, and as the laps wound down Hannah Allen, Jek Porkins, and Alex Benyacko also made their way up to the front with a chance to win the race, but ultimately, it was not meant to be. But it was a great performance by the team overall, and they will look to take that momentum to Rockingham.

A Word from the "President"...

Tommy Turbo(CM Racing President/CEO): "I am so proud of this entire team for how hard they worked all offseason to get ready for 2018, and the way we ran all race long showed that hard work. I am obviously very disappointed with what happened with (John)Arndt there, getting wrecked by a lap car who really didn't look like he knew what in the world he was doing out there. I know that Arndt will use this as fuel, and will come back strong next week.

Coming down to the end of the race, I thought we had them there with (Jek)Porkins, Alex(Benyacko), and Hannah(Allen) where all up front, until that #4 car(Jake West) came powering down on the bottom, and at that point I thought is was over. But wow did they make a show of it on that outside, they made it work as well as it did all day, and it almost worked out. Really am proud of them for giving it there all, and I am sure that level of competitiveness and desire to win, as drivers and as a team, will continue throughout the season.

On to Rockingham!"

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