If You Think Fall Think 3!

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If You Think Fall Think 3!

Post by nhood53 on July 21st 2016, 10:59 am

Hello. I've been on this forum for about a month but I decided I'd make a formal introduction after some chat box incidents I've had. My name is Nathan Hood (not Noctavious please don't call me that) and I am a high school student in Glasgow, KY. On the NR2003 side I am the owner of the NMGAR and the owner of the well known Explorer Motorsports. I have over 30 drivers that could drive for us at any point. Some of the most notable have been Nathan Hood, Carli Cifford, Kaity Martin, and Tripontakio Vernio. Vernio's odd name roots from a rule in climbing that says that there should always be three positions of solid contact at one time- still not sure tho if it applies to all forms or just cave crawling-but Verbio knows that if you think fall think Tripoint Rule!

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