Hayden Kline Recovering After Near Fatal Accident

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Hayden Kline Recovering After Near Fatal Accident

Post by FUEL on October 10th 2016, 12:32 pm

Hayden Kline earlier this year wrecked at Indy in a near fatal accident. With noticable blurry eyes and slur in speech Kline is still trying to recover from head substaining injuries. Some drivers on the paddock worry if Kline will be healthy enough to race with them next year. Kline is advocate that he will be healthy enough to race in 2017. Sony Cup Series Officials said before Kline comes back into racing they want him to make some test laps on the Old Savannah Speedway to see if he is capable of driving a race car. Kline has stated that it won't be a problem to him that he wants to do that anyways to better prepare him for coming back. The slow reaction time to necessary actions like a wreck on track or possibly causing an accident that shouldn't of been the case is what worries the officials and Kline will not only need to be better prepared mentally for himself but mentally and physically prepared to be able to get behind the wheel. Kline has said he believes he'll be ready to come back for the Daytona 500 for SUMS Racing.

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