MasterCard Series Into/Preveiw AND CHASE INFO

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MasterCard Series Into/Preveiw AND CHASE INFO

Post by LHP14Florida on October 29th 2016, 4:51 pm

How the Chase Works.

Top 14 in Points are automatically locked in, and then 2 wildcards that are determined by wins or highest in points. After Michigan, the points reset for the top 16, and we start round of 16. However, unlike the Modern Nascar format, a win does not lock you into the next round(Though you get 5 Bonus Points for the round). The bottom 4 are eliminated after each elimination Race.After an Elimination, drivers who have won get a point per win they had in the previous round. This continues till the finale, Auto Club, where the highest in points, (Can be finisher) gets the Championship.

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