Vincent Allen to attempt Daytona 500 with AFRT

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Vincent Allen to attempt Daytona 500 with AFRT

Post by FUEL on 11/25/2016, 10:05 pm

Allen Family Racing Team reported that they will be fielding a 4th car for the Daytona 500 come February in 2017. Vincent Allen who was one the few left out of a ride in Cup, jumped aboard Fearsport in the Hardee's National Series full-time. Taking a step back, Vincent is hoping to find magic he hasn't been able to find in the last two years. Hoping to find victory lane again, however, with his dad and uncle owning the team it comes with no surprise they are helping Vincent get a chance at running in another Daytona 500.

AFRT stated they will have him in the #42 Dodge. They have said nobody is sponsoring Vincent in his Cup efforts, possibly a reason to why he isn't in Cup anymore. However, the team owned by his family will be giving him a chance to attempt for his 8th Daytona 500.

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