Dom Caps Set To Make 300th Career Start

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Dom Caps Set To Make 300th Career Start

Post by FUEL on December 16th 2016, 11:09 am

Dom Caps driving for Luke Martin in 2017 in the #12 Shell Pennzoil Ford will make his 300th career start in the Daytona 500. Caps is not guaranteed a starting spot in the Daytona 500 since the Daytona 500 requires you to have to race your way in, in the duel races, or have a fast qualifying lap... Caps however is driving for a team that's owner points placed 8th overall in Owner Points in 2016. Top 5 in Car Owner Points last year (Nick Mace, Alan Cavangaro, James Silverfox, Jordan Davis, and Charles Sandfer) are all guaranteed to atleast a spot in the field to get in the race off Owner Points.

Dom Caps should be safe to fall back on owner points of last year to make the race if he fails to race his way in or have a good time trial speed. He also has a past champion provisional to fall back on if something dramatic keeps him out of making the big race through all 3 scenarios.

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Re: Dom Caps Set To Make 300th Career Start

Post by Hsuorttocs on December 16th 2016, 11:20 am

Roush: I will see if I can try and push him in to the 500.

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